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Dear GoFigure members,

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister regarding COVID-19, we have now closed our club and will remain closed until further notice. 


The health and safety of our people and our members are our number one priority.  We are continuously monitoring the situation and will keep you all updated on any developments.  During the time the club is closed, we have automatically frozen all GoFigure memberships, with no fee to pay until the club re-opens.  


There is no need for you to do anything - we will take care of all the administration of this.  Your membership will be reinstated when we re-open or (if extended) will re-asses the freeze period every four weeks.

Although our club will be closed, our website has already been loaded with Mossa workouts that members can do at home ( see Link ).  We encourage all of our members to stay fit and healthy during these uncertain times.

Take care everyone.  I wish the best of health to you and all of your friends and loved ones.  We look forward to welcoming you all back into our club as soon as we are able. Thank you for your ongoing support - it means a lot to us.

Best wishes,

Tanya Joveski

Managing Director

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